Shangri-La is a track from the album Slow Piano by Luiz Esteves.

Footage taken in Gramado, RS, Brazil.

Luiz Esteves
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Luiz Esteves is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, keyboard and guitar player. He started his career in Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

He wrote his first song with his friend Dalla, a musician from Patos de Minas.

In 1968, he was awarded the best male performance by a singer at the Music Student's Festival of Patos de Minas. He was then invited to join the band "Os Asteróides".

Before 1970 he had been the lead singer for such local bands as "Trapps" and "Magos do Sol". By that time, Luiz had written over one hundred songs.

In 1980, while living in Rio do Janeiro, he met Jorge Bomfim with whom he founded the band "Erva-Doce".

Together they recorded only one single with the songs "Reino Encantado" and "Sonho Louco". Due to the lack of success of the record, the band split and went their separate ways.

In 1988, Luiz returned to music by participating in the album "En Cantos Gerais", a compilation of music from musicians from Patos de Minas. He contributed two songs, "Anjo Caído" and "Em Algum Lugar da América", the latter of which was performed by Neusinha Morais.

In 2000 he found Leyline with his son Gabriel Esteves.

Apart his musical work with Leyline, Luiz has his solo musical project and has recorded 7 albums and a single so far.